Introducing The Last Arcade, the exciting new 80's inspired synthwave and synth rock band from Liverpool, England. Born out of a love of 80’s music, classic analog synths and inspired by artists like Foreigner, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode and Genesis as well as modern acts like The Midnight and The Weeknd, The Last Arcade are bringing the classic 80's sound back with a modern twist.

The Last Arcade fast made a name for themselves with their debut single "When We Were Young," quickly racking up over 100,000 streams on Spotify, garnering the attention of multiple radio stations around the world and finding their way onto in-store music playlists for popular retailers such as Boots, Sainsbury's, British Airways, Costa, and many others.

With 8 singles released, over 200,000 streams worldwide, weekly international radio play, a debut album and live shows planned for late 2023, TLA are the 80's inspired band you've been waiting for. 


- When We Were Young - Track of the week Go Radio 
- Nobody Knows - Track of the week In-Demand Radio 
- People Like Us - Song of the week Mersey Radio 
- Miss You - Song of the week Go Radio


"When We Were Young is one of the greatest synthwave songs ever written" - Jon Campbell | Go Radio

"If Nobody Knows was written by Toto or Richard Marx it would be considered a classic” - chart topping band The Time Frequency

 "80’s infused & full of nostalgia but bang in the middle of now. Loved every track I’ve had from TLA with both When Were Young and Nobody Knows as my tracks of the week" - Marc Kenny | In-Demand Radio

"‘Time of Our Lives’ is more than just a song—it’s an electrifying journey through the corridors of nostalgia and a celebration of the ties that bind us all" - Diana Cavazos Woloszyk | GingerandNuts.com

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Synth Anthem of the Week - Jon Campbell - Almeria Radio 
Track of the week - Marc Kenny - In-Demand Radio 
Song of the week - Gary Reddin - Mersey Radio 
Song of the week - Meddisms on Alive 107.3FM 
Song of the week - gingerandnnuts.com 
Drive Time song of the week - Shaun Tilley Liverpool Live Radio


The Last Arcade are comprised of singer Ste McNally, guitarist Paul Garrett and synths / keyboardist Steve Erickson. Ste McNally shot to fame as part of the band BBMak and had a US number one with the single Back Here. Paul Garrett supported Brian Adams on tour, and Steve Erickson has produced music for multiple bands and projects including Disney, BBMak and Andy McLusky of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.